We design meaningful and aesthetically pleasing interfaces that help companies solve business issues

UX/UI design and no-code solutions
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A good tool is half the success, especially in the digital industry. That's why we keep up with new products and change tools when becomes available, more intelligent, agile, and targeted services.

We create a unique design concept, make a live prototype of the project based on layouts. We build a design system, which includes ready-made interface elements, fonts, icons. It provides a unified visual style of solutions and reduces development time.
Interactive online whiteboard for collaborative work with the client. We build a Customer Journey Map and think through how the user will engage with the site. We add all important pages and work out even the smallest nuances of interaction with a user.
This is a flexible cooperation and project management tool. We formulate objectives for developers and monitor the whole process of performance. GitLab enables us to keep our written code in an online format and work with our development team on multiple projects.
We create a Telegram group for communication between the client, project manager, and designer. Our experts communicate directly with the client and present their solutions.
Research and design
Before starting work, we conduct research on the target audience and competitors. We represent the concept of the project and generate ideas.

Our aim is to create innovative services that will make people's lives better. All our solutions are grounded in marketing research and an in-depth understanding of trends. Interface design meets requirements of users and corresponds with current trends.


Throughout of 10 years we have been designing websites and applications to meet specific customer requirements.

Our works

We choose a no-code platform for development, based on the objectives of the project. We develop concepts and solutions that are easy to implement in no-code.
Sites on no-code solutions
We create an original design. Individual style, user-friendliness, aesthetics and design concept brings all these conditions together.
Website and product interface design
Site of the artel, which specializes in building of log houses and bathhouses of polar pine by the author's projects.
Art Kelo
Company website
Company website
Website of a private clinic for the entire family.
Verba clinic
Mobile app
Company website
Company website
Mobile app
Company website
Company website
Tea funny
Company website

Our clients

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Мобильная разработка на Flutter

Design is not only layouts. We monitor the whole process: from setting the task and resource planning up to implementation and testing.

We define the vision for the project
We discuss the project with the client, clarifying the requirements and objectives. We find out what work will be required and determine their priority and make a step-by-step plan. We start with the task and resources to pick the optimal technological solution: from no-code to custom development.
When creating the model, we consider the client’s budget and complexity of development. Our designers and developers choose a solution which is suitable for a no-code platform or custom development.
We prepare the design for development
We research users and competitors
We create a user segment’s map. We pack the research results into persona models, needs clusters, CJM and JTBD. The obtained information will help us learn more about requirements, and objections of the targeted audience.
We are continuing to work on the project after launch. We add new scenarios, simplify, or expand the user journey. We connect analytics services and conduct a/b-testing in order to enhance the site's interface and achieve new targets.
We improve and advance
We design and prototype
We design the structure of the project and scrutinize user scenarios. We use the results of research to make the project as easy as possible and encourage the user to take the targeted action.
We develop the design concept
We involve our client in the process of developing the concept, taking into account all of his wishes. We work in iterations and at each stage we coordinate the result with the client.
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